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Forthcoming book. The Great Australian Bank Job

Magda makes a  living stealing industrial secrets, but when she get a secret file,

stolen from the government, she knows how dangerous it  is. For safety, she puts it in her safety deposit box

at the local bank. Her box also has enough  information in it to put her in jail for a  long time.

Four middle aged, unemployed men find an old, abandoned tunnel that runs under the vault of the local bank. When they rob

the bank at Easter, they not only take  a lot of money, they also get Magda’s files.

Now she has to find the robbers, and  quickly. But there are  others on the hunt too, and they

are not only  wanting the file, they want  her too-preferably dead.

.Bank Job_2


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A new edition of THE RAINBOW SERPENT.

Kakadu Dreamingthumbnail

I have now published a new  edition of the RAINBOW SERPENT, titled  KAKADU DREAMING.

The book has  been edited by Adirondack Editing and has 5 chapters added. (15,000 words.)

Price Aud$19.95 postage  paid Australia.

A large print editiontitled KAKADU DREAMS is now available  for the sight impaired 

Postage paid prices are for Australia, overseas purchasers please enquire for postal rates.

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September 4th,2014 my wife Betty and I celebrated out 60th wedding anniversary.

We had dinner at the club with our daughters Teresa and Stephanie. Also present was Mark, Stephanie’s husband.

Sixty years,  where  did they go?

When we got married, we didn’t have much money and our parents didn’t approve. We couldn’t afford a wedding car so  friends of my parents did the jobs.

My mother didn’t like Betty, After all what girl is  good enough for a son. And Betty’s mother didn’t like me. How could a disabled bloke support a wife.

But we raised three kids, lived on three continents and though we had ups and downs,(Sometimes I  think more downs than ups) we got through  in spite of it all.

I wouldn’t change a thing  (Well, not a lot)