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Meet Guest Author Harry Dodgson

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HarryBefore the internet and email, I was always been a keen letter writer, but until I retired actually writing a book just didn’t occur to me, I was always too busy.

When I was in my late sixties, my brother-in-law acquired his first computer and decided to write his life story. I thought what a good idea, why don’t I do that?

Co-incidentally, at that time I was contacted by a lady in England, (I live in Australia) who is a retired nurse. She had worked for many years in the same hospital where I spent eight years as a patient when a child. She asked me if I would write a chapter for a book she was working on, which was a history of the hospital in which she spent much of her working life. I did this, and the book, titled Good Food, Rest and Plenty of Fresh…

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Author: Harry Dodgson

Retired electronics engineer. Now living in a small town near Sydney, Australia. Writing when I can. I have written several magazine articles and published my first novel. I expect to publish the second book before Christmas, 2014

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